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What are devils?

Tyranny personified, devils have developed a totalitarian society devoted to subjugating all mortal life. The Nine Hells of Baator and its ruler Asmodeus loom in the shadows of the vast multiverse, threatening to dominate all within. His infernal armies expanding, Asmodeus orders his servants to invade the mortal realm, corrupt their souls, and provide the seed from which new devils are born.

A devil's sole purpose is to conquer, enslave, and oppress. They delight in lording over the weak and doling out cruel punishments to those who dare to defy their authority. Devils take every opportunity to display and exploit their power, relishing in the agony of others. They understand the failings plaguing mortals and push them into temptation and darkness. Those on the Material Plane even manipulate the ruling classes by whispering evil thoughts, inciting paranoia, and driving them to infernal behavior.

Though confined to the Lower Planes, devils can travel beyond using portals or powerful summoning magic. Separated from the Nine Hells, many offer bargains to desperate mortals seeking quick solutions. Even the most straightforward and unassuming contracts will be enforced by the power of Asmodeus, and any mortal that breaks their agreement instantly forfeits their soul.

Most devils see beyond the control that owning a creature's soul provides, viewing them as more of a commodity or currency they can use to gain more fiendish power and prestige. As immortals, devils can wait centuries for a contract to conclude, cashing in on innumerable debts to amass a great wealth of stolen souls. Once obtained, only divine intervention can release a soul from a devil's clutches.

Some soles can be liberated by permanently killing their fiendish owner, depending on the contract. If a devil dies outside of the Nine Hells, it dissolves into a pool of ichor or dissipates in a cloud of sulfurous smoke before returning to its home layer and reconstituting itself. However, if they die within the Nine Hells, they are destroyed forever. Even Asmodeus himself fears this fate.

What types of devils are there?

When a twisted and tormented mortal soul descends into the Nine Hells, it first takes the form of a vile lemure. The lowest in the devil hierarchy, these corrupted creatures must be slain in the Nine Hells by a blessed weapon or with holy water to be permanently destroyed. Archdevils and greater devils are the only creatures with the power to promote lemures to the title of lesser devils.

A step up in the social structure, lesser devils include several subraces of fiends, including imps, chain devils, spined devils, bearded devils, barbed devils, and bone devils. Archdevils are the only creatures powerful enough to promote a lesser devil to a greater devil. This elevated subrace includes pit fiends, erinyes, horned devils, and ice devils. Greater devils also serve as commanders of the less powerful and attendants to their patron archdevils.

As overlord of the Nine Hells and the deity of indulgence, only Asmodeus can promote a greater devil to archdevil status. Archdevils are the ruling class that reigns over all other devils and directly serves Asmodeus. Like previous promotions, the advancement to archdevil comes with a brief but agonizing transformation. However, unlike the lower-ranks, each archdevil is a unique being whose appearance reflects a distinct evil nature.

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