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What are stone giants?

Reclusive beings by nature, stone giants are quiet and peaceful when left alone. Their gaunt features with black, sunken eyes that stand out from their grey-granite skin give stone giants an everpresent stern appearance. They are incredibly private creatures that hide their lives and art away from the world. They create intricate sculptures, paint sprawling murals, and indulge in various creative disciplines within their cavern homes. Although, stone carving is their most respected artistic skill by far.

Stone giants honor their god Skoraeus Stonebones by drawing out sacred shapes from within the rough stone. They believe their carvings reveal meaning and provide omens for their tribe. As a result, stone giants appoint their best carvers as leaders, shamans, and prophets, their holy hands becoming the instruments of their god, guiding the lives of their tribespeople.

Although their bodies are massive and well-defined, stone giants are more lithe and agile than most of their kin. Within their social hierarchy, skilled rock throwers are the most highly regarded. Those with the most extraordinary ability to heave and catch enormous boulders take the front ranks when the tribe must defend their homes. However, a stone giant uses athleticism and poise over brute strength, even in the heat of battle.

Still, not all stone giants can be rubble-pitching prodigies or prolific painters. Those lacking in athleticism or creative skill find themselves relegated to the fringes of society, where they serve as guards and wandering hunters. These guardians greet trespassers who stray too far into the clan's territory with all manner of hurled earth. Interlopers who survive spin tales of dreadful stone giant violence, never knowing the contemplative artistic kin carving away at their deep cavern walls below.

Where do stone giants live?

Secluded from civilization, stone giants make their homes in vast systems of caves. They make towns from complex cavern networks, use stony tunnels as roads, and drink from underground streams and waterways. They see isolated mountains as their continents and the vast flat land between as oceans, great expanses that they rarely cross.

Within their dim and silent caves, stone giants speechlessly carve away at elaborate works of art, slowly marking time by the echoing drops of water into surrounding grottos. Far from the chittering of bats or the padded pacing of their cave bear companions, stone giants sculpt their deepest chambers into holy places where silence and darkness are all-encompassing. They carve the surrounding stone with such immense care and skill that it takes on a sacred quality. Columns and corridors are all etched so beautifully it puts the legendary stonecraft of the dwarves to shame.

Stone giants spend so much of their lives underground that they view the outside world as a realm of dreams. They believe the surface to be a domain lacking reality, and while there, they behave as many humanoids do in their imaginations. Above ground, promises mean nothing, insults do not require an apology, and killing of any kind is no cause for guilt. The dreaming world beneath the sky is nothing more than a bizarre fantasy.

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