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Pixies are tiny, mischievous, and magical humanoid creatures commonly believed to be a race of sprites native to the wild groves or deep forest caves of the Feywild. They are known for their playful nature, impish pranks, and powerful magical abilities. Scholars have told stories of their propensity toward tricking unsuspecting creatures, like leading weary travelers astray or duping unsuspecting penny-pinchers into parting with their wealth.

These mischievous sprites are almost impossibly small creatures, standing only two to two and a half feet tall. They have delicate, silvery moth-like wings that allow them to flit about nearly undetectable. Their clothing is often fine and brightly colored and crafted from natural materials like leaves and flowers. Dressing in such vivid garments may seem counterintuitive, but pixies rely on their innate magical invisibility to hide from their unsuspecting marks.

Though they may originate from the Feywild, many tell stories of pixies fluttering about North Fearun, the forests of Evermeet, and the woodlands of Aglarond. Regardless of their habitat, pixies are known to live in dense forests and other natural areas, where they build tiny homes and communities hidden deep within the brush. They are known for their love of music and dance and often hold elaborate celebrations and festivals in their forest homes. Pixie societies are close-knit and fiercely loyal to their friends and family.

Over the centuries, pixes have developed powerful magical abilities as a way to protect themselves as well as their homes and community. Being creatures of the fey has made them remarkably attuned to the weave and surrounding magics of the world. Along with their prolonged ability to become invisible, they can cast various spells with the ability to charm others, create vast illusions with both audio and visual components, or confuse an enemy with the slightest of touches.

Pixies in Dungeons & Dragons

Game masters often use pixies as non-player characters (NPCs) or enemies for the players to encounter. Many portray them as misbehaving and animated creatures that enjoy playing pranks on those they meet. However, an angry pixie can be a dangerous foe with its powerful magical abilities and willingness to attack and defend itself.

Players may also choose pixies as a playable race in their next campaign. As a player character, a pixie can be a powerful ally, using their arcane abilities to aid their fellow adventurers. However, they also come with some unique challenges. Due to their small stature, pixies may have difficulty wielding certain weapons and equipment and struggle in combat against larger foes.

Those interested in introducing pixies to their Dungeons & Dragons game should consider a few things to get the most out of these mischievous creatures. Remember that pixies are playful and devilish, so be cautious of their impending pranks and shenanigans. They are also cunning and use magic, like invisibility and teleportation, to surprise and confound those around them. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is that pixies are small creatures. To your detriment or those around you, they will use their size to their advantage by hiding in small places or using their wings to fly out of reach of their enemies.

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