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What makes aarakocra names unique?

Other cultures often struggle with the pronunciation of aarakocra names due to the clicks, trills, and whistles typical of their language. Their names are gender-neutral and usually limited to two to four syllables connected by these unique sounds. Aarakocra may also use nicknames or shortened forms of their full names when interacting with other races.

What are aarakocra?

Soaring among the clouds, aarakocra appear as large birds to those on the ground. Only when taking roost or walking across the land do their true human-like features emerge. Aarakocra stand at most five feet tall when completely upright, with legs that narrow to sharp talons. The colored feathers that cover most of their bodies denote membership in a specific tribe. Males are often brightly colored with red, orange, or yellow plumes, while females tend to be more subdued, with more muted browns, greys, and tans. Their heads complete the bird-like features, appearing somewhere between a parrot or eagle depending on tribal history.

The avian resemblance of aarakocra extends beyond physical features, often including similar mannerisms as ordinary birds. They are rather meticulous about cleaning and tending to their feathers, picking and scratching at anything that may appear out of place. When aarakocra stoop to walk among the grounded, they also often seek out pools of water to catch fish and bathe.

Other humanoids may convey emphasis or meaning through facial expressions or body language. However, aarakocra typically punctuate their speech with chirps or chirrs. These nuances can be challenging for others to pick up on, which often results in miscommunication.

Where do aarakocra live?

Aarakocra sequester themselves in high mountaintops and tall trees, often evoking fear and wonder from those unfamiliar with their kind. Their existence began among the boundless vistas of the Elemental Plane of Air. However, now within the Material Plane, they exist as immigrants, refugees, scouts, and explorers. Their outposts and homes stand as footholds within a strange and alien world.

Those who have found their way into the Material Plane seldom did so with the purpose of exploration. Early aarakocra pursued their enemies, saught to thwart evil machinations, or stumbled across the planes through accidental means. Despite their intentions, most establish nests in high mountains or among the canopies of old forest growth. Their colonies extend from these open-roofed nests, where they honor the most senior member as the tribal leader. These communities of aarakocra generally share hunting territory that extends across an area up to 100 miles in all directions. Each tribe hunts the lands closest to their colony, spanning farther only if prey becomes scarce.

Despite their nests, aarakocra are nowhere more comfortable than in the sky. They can spend hours in the air, with some locking their wings in place to stay aloft for days at a time. This experience makes them dynamic and acrobatic fliers in battle. They can move with extraordinary speed and agility, diving to punish opponents with weapons or talons before returning to the skies.

Aarakocra are reluctant to leave the skies once airborne. Within their native plane, these bird-folk can fly for days or months at a time, only landing to feed, lay their eggs, or care for their young before ascending back into the clouds above. Consequently, those who find themselves within the Material Plane see it strange and foreign to their previous way of life. They find nothing but pity for the other earthbound races forced to live and toil on the ground below.

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