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What makes centaur names unique?

Centaur names are inherited, passed down through many generations. New foals typically receive the name of a recently deceased family member of the same gender. Centaurs believe this practice not only keeps the memory of the departed alive but a shard of their spirit as well. Rather than use family or last names, centaurs create and wear symbols representing their clan or family association. These symbols may exist as carved depictions of plants or animals, inscribed aphorisms, braids and beads worn in their hair or tail, or even distinct patterns woven into their clothing.

What are centaurs?

Above the waist, centaurs have the bodies of brawny humans and display the same wide variety of skin tones and features that humans have. They have slightly pointed ears like those of elves, but their faces are more broad and square. From the waist down, centaurs have the bodies of modestly sized horses. This lower half has a similar range of coloration to other equine creatures, including various shades of chestnut, bay, dappled, or even zebra-like striped patterns. Most centaurs have common ways in which they style their hair and tails. Selesnya centaurs prefer long, flowing hair, while Gruul centaurs trim their hair into rough, spiky styles.

The upper portion of a centaur’s body is comparable to most human torso sizes, and their lower horse-like region averages around four feet high above the haunches. Centaurs are often smaller than mounted human riders at full height but frequently fulfill similar roles as cavalry, messengers, outriders, and scouts in battle.

Centaurs have an affection for and connection to the natural world. They feel a close kinship to other wild animals and delight in the rush of running alongside herds and packs of other beasts. It is this connection that pushes centaurs to seek out guilds that share such an affinity. Most find themselves among two prominent organizations, favoring the rubblebelts of the Grull Clans and the expansive plazas of the Selesnya Conclave. A centaur among the undercity tunnels of the Golgari and the laboratories of the Simic would be extremely rare.

Along with nature, centaurs honor life and growth, never hesitating to celebrate the birth of a new foal. At the same time, they hold great respect for the traditions of the past. Centaurs are often self-appointed historians among their respective guilds, preserving the old ways and keeping ancestral legends alive.

Where do centaurs live?

Centaurs celebrate family and live in cooperative communities as a way of honoring the natural world’s connection to all living things. The Gruul are known for their strong clan identity, and Selesnya centaurs are fiercely loyal to their communities and guild. Most also greatly appreciate history and tradition, joining the same guilds their parents had before.

Though most centaurs live among the lush forests on the edges of the Ravnica metropolis, some live on the Material Plane among the many great forests of Toril. Most originated from the Cormanthor forests but later spread to the woods of Evermeet and the High Forest near Unicorn Run. Centaur tribes have grown in more recent years, expanding throughout Toril, taking residence among the Chondalwood and the Far Forest.

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