Deep Gnome Names

Lylli Groundowl Riddli

Dinny Rocktongue Fitsin

Dablen Chubby Aelni

Nyssa Foxscamper Grinnli

Eliwick Lazyhammer Lynnit

Lylli Boar Darlin

Konny Winterfrost Riddli

Brandle Stillfoam Brinli

Mardi Wiggleworm Ralner

Roiwen Buggy Nyddler

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Deep Gnome Names DND

What are deep gnomes?

Those who live on the surface will likely have heard of or encountered gnome subspecies like forest and rock. However, there are others rarely seen by top-siders. The cautious and guarded deep gnomes, known as svirfneblin in their native language, are a subterranean subrace that dwells deep within the Underdark. A careful and suspicious group, svirfneblin are quiet and cunning, though most are just as kind-hearted, reliable, and understanding as their above-ground cousins.

Deep gnomes may not exhibit the same boundless positivity and gleeful mischief that other gnomes tend to display. Their disposition is a product of the environment in which they live. The Underdark is home to many dangerous and darkly magical creatures, and the svirfneblin have survived by doing their best to keep their underground society a secret.

Aiding the svirfneblin's stealthy nature is their grey skin, which allows them to blend in with their natural stone environment. Though, despite their wariness, deep gnomes are not pushovers by any means. Generations of mining heavy stone and gems have allowed them to develop dense and robust bodies for their size. Females find their strength in running each enclave while the males explore the outskirts for enemies and deposits of precious gemstones.

Though svirfneblin are not aggressive creatures seeking confrontation, their passion for rare and precious gems often brings them into conflict with other inhabitants of the Underdark. Beholders, drow, kuo-toa, duergar, and mind flayers are some of the most dangerous and territorial subterranean beings that deep gnomes may encounter. Although the murderous, demon-worshipping drow are often the most feared of those listed.

Where do deep gnomes live?

Far below the world's surface, deep gnomes carve away twisting warrens and carefully sculpted caverns. They are skilled artisans who create functional homes that do not harm the beauty of their natural habitat. Svirgneblins strive to live harmoniously within their environment, being careful not to overwork or damage the underground stone irreparably. Their enclaves are usually heavily fortified, containing several hundred of their kind, with secret tunnels extending from their settlements to provide stealthy passageways or emergency evacuation routes.

Though the exact number of deep gnome settlements is unknown, scholars recorded nearly a dozen peaceful towns east of the Great Rift in south Faerûn around 1370 DR. The largest of these cities was Blingdenstone, until the drow of Menzoberranzan destroyed it. Though many perished, a group of nearly five hundred survivors managed to flee to the surface, later settling in the lands of the north.

The deep gnome's chosen environment also helps to define their culture. Cities emerge from interlocking tunnels and caves that extend from a large central cavern and often include as many as a thousand svirfneblin at a time. The construction of these settlements provided natural protection but often left the communities cut off from the outside world and isolated from other deep gnome settlements. This seclusion, combined with their kind's inherent cautiousness, caused many svirfneblin to seek comfort in the company of their kin. As a result, population density can be relatively high, with families often crowded together to share a single room as their joint living space.

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