High Elf Names

Felophia Callormista (Forestlight)

Carmo Maerkirthol (Thunderstar)

Auivol Xilomaer (Starpetal)

Oro Cryshaldur (Twilightcrystal)

Quillrianna Rumhir (Forevermeadow)

Adrann Straetth (Cloudguard)

Quillrianna Callorkiir (Gemlight)

Lavriel Callorkiir (Gemlight)

Ieledraste Ewarvyn (Greenwind)

Anastrianna Ilphelfete (Fireblossom)

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What are high elves?

High elves typically follow tradition and have great respect for their past. While humans strive to create and innovate, high elves work to preserve and perfect the practices of their ancestors. Their long lifespans provide centuries of dedicated study and allow high elves to become masters of their chosen crafts. However, their devotion to tradition has halted societal change for nearly five thousand years. As time has progressed, modern high elves have begun expanding their understanding of the world and questioning their past, searching for a new way forward while honoring their traditions.

High elves have a particularly sharp mind and proficiency in at least the basics of arcane practices. However, regardless of what realm they may be from, most of their kind are split into two different cultures. One type is typically arrogant and reclusive, believing themselves superior to nearly all other humanoids. These include the gray and valley elves of Greyhawk, the Silvanesti of Dragonlance, and the sun elves of the Forgotten Realms. The other elves are far more common, personable, and often live among civilizations with humans and other races. Many associate these traits with the high elves of Greyhawk, the Qualinesti of Dragonlance, and the moon elves of the Forgotten Realms.

The high elves most fifth edition players will encounter are the sun and moon elves. Sun elves have bronze skin with copper, black, or blond hair. Moon elves are much paler, with blueish-tinged alabaster skin. Their hair is usually silver-white, black, or blue, but a rare few have more typical human colors like auburn, blond, or red. Their eyes are often blue or green with bright flecks of gold.

Where do high elves live?

High elves have existed for centuries throughout many of the worlds and realms of Dungeons & Dragons. The most noteworthy high elves reside on Eberron and Toril. Those on Eberron have separated themselves between the Aereni and the Tairnadal. At the same time, the high elves of Toril split their culture into what scholars have labeled the sun and moon elves.

The first high elves of Eberron appeared on the distant continent of Xen'drik tens of thousands of years ago. Over time, most of their kind fled the land to settle the island nation of Aerenal, where ideological differences split their culture into the introspective Aereni and the warlike Tairnadal. The Aereni, or the Elves of Aerenal, are isolationists who have little interest in the chaos and madness of the outside world. In contrast, the Tairnadal, or Elves of Valenar, are battle-hardened warriors dedicated to the arts of combat who actively seek conflict to prove their might and capabilities.

The sun and moon elves were among the last to migrate to the world of Toril. While both once lived in Faerûn, many sun elves participated in the mass migration known as The Retreat, when nearly ninety percent of the elves in Cormanthor fled to Evermeet. Relatively few moon elves decided to leave Faerûn during this time, choosing to wander the continent in small nomadic communities.

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