Pallid Elf Names

Bethna Ebrathond (Truefriend)

Rodon Kerymama (Flowerblade)

Mianua Amardir (Whiteflower)

Sovenis Galafete (Firewhisper)

Beilen Rauthigala (Whisperwing)

Druaqui Kiirhond (Truegem)

Theirdraste Liaholi (Dewfrond)

Lerynna Ilphelrua (Starblossom)

Anastrineth Ridhir (Foreverspear)

Minlar Staciaru (Dreamstar)

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What are pallid elves?

Once hidden among the remains of a formerly magnificent woodland realm, pallid elves are mystical and intelligent humanoids. Scholars long believed that the destruction of the Pallid Grove at the hands of Tarog had also erased the localized elven culture from the world. However, a modest number survived while hiding among the grove's sunken roots. Recently emerging from centuries hidden among the decayed remnants, these elves have a natural, childlike curiosity and skin as pale as the surface of Exandria's largest moon.

Before their emergence into the world of Exandria, this distinctive community of elves lived in constant fear of Tarog, the Crawling King's return. As an evil god of torturers, slavers, and jailers, Tarog and his followers wallowed in the darkness and reveled in the subjugation of others. Few, if any, have ever returned from the deadly network of caves and manacles that comprise his realm. Combined with the uncertain fright of the Calamity's destruction, the enduring elves invariably kept to the shadows of the valley and its now petrified forest.

During these difficult times, many sought the protection and blessings of Sehanine, the Moonweaver. Over time, natural evolution and adaptation to the blighted forest mixed with the divine arcane influence of Sehanine, which gave rise to the elven subrace known as pallid elves. As the threat of Tarog diminished, the emboldened elves began to step out into the surrounding world, a realm that continued to change while the pallid elves remained in hiding.

Where do pallid elves live?

True to their name, these uncommon elves come from a hidden valley near the heart of the Cyrios Mountains called the Pallid Grove. Deadly wooded peaks cut off this wooded region from the rest of the realm, isolating the elves from much of the activity and conflict of the outside world. A once beautiful and untouched forest domain atop a breathtaking mountain plateau, the grove served as a picturesque refuge for its residents who worshipped their guardian goddess Sehanine.

However, the pallid elve's sanctuary would not last forever. Near the end of the Age of Arcanum, Torog and his worshippers pierced Sehanine's barriers and burrowed deep beneath the grove during the Calamity. This insurgence caused the plateau to sink into the shadowed valley where the Crawling King and his servants sucked the life and color from the trees above through their roots. Hundreds of years later, the bleached, mutilated, and fossilized woods stand as an unsettling shadow of the natural world. Its cursed history has been retold for nearly a millennium as a warning to keep travelers away.

Despite the loss of the grove's beauty, many pallid elves still seek comfort in their goddess, the Moonweaver. A patron of illusions and misdirection, Sehanine is a chaotic good deity of moonlight and the autumn season and is often associated with the moon Catha. Halfling and elven worshipers also believe the goddess to be a deity of love, though expressly forbidden love. It is not unusual for individuals leading lives of secrecy or deception to seek her blessing.

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