Giff Names

Maximiliana the Cornicen

Blanche the Evocatus

Sunnifa the Tesserarius

Evelyn the Legatus

Zhelimir the General

Aleksandru the Airman

Antoninus the Chief

Maximiliana the Velites

Marvelle the Velites

Egnatius the Centurion

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What are giff?

Sometimes referred to as hippofolk, giff are tall, broad humanoids with hippo-like features. Some have smooth skin that covers their bodies, while others have short bristles of hair that decorate their faces and the tops of their heads. Beings of considerable size and unmistakable appearance, giff are easily recognizable in a crowd, on the battlefield, or even among the lush foliage of a jungle.

Giff are mighty creatures with massive muscles stretched over their broad, stocky frames. They are very tall, standing a good head or two over most humanoids, though slightly smaller than an average ogre and notably more massive. Thick plates of chitin cover most a giff's head and snout, and their skin had a wide range of colors, including gray, black, and even golden hues.

It is common for giff to decorate their skin with colorful tattoos that pay homage to their great deeds and decisive victories. Although, they usually cover most of these works of art with formal uniforms or elaborate suits of armor. Along with tattoos, storytelling has become a rich tradition among giff culture. Though their kind rarely endeavors to become a bard, it is common to see a giff proudly recounting their past adventures to an enraptured crowd.

A rowdy group would do well to keep a friendly giff nearby on nights of raucous revelry. Their kind can more than hold their own when the merriment inevitably devolves into a tavern brawl. Giff have excellent reflexes and surprising speed and grace for such stout creatures. However, while they may have strength on par with a hill giant, they also tend to share their lack of intelligence and wisdom.

Where do giff live?

Similar to the hadozee, scholars have postulated various worlds of origin for the giff and strange ancestral lines. However, even the giff themselves appear to have long forgotten the specifics of their original homeworld due to centuries of nomadic exploration. Some believe that the giff accidentally caused a cataclysmic explosion that decimated their home. Others have told stories of the giff selling their world to pay off their debts. Whatever the truth, the vanity of the giff would never allow such disparaging stories to become fact. Instead, their legends tell of a bountiful world with thick beautiful jungles, plentiful fruit trees, and endless sprawling mountains rich with resources that somehow faded from existence.

Giff typically preferred the company and familiarity of their kin over most other creatures. Although, they made fast friends with those willing to hire them and found particular comradery with militaristic cultures. Driven by the prospect of gold and their passion for battle, giff had little interest in the concept of good and evil. They would follow most orders without question, though staunchly refused to pick up arms against other giff.

As creatures of considerable discipline within a warrior culture, giff organize their communities into a strict hierarchy of command. Each individual receives a rank dependent upon their accomplishments and contributions to the community. Giff continuously strive to work their way up the chain of command but may only receive a promotion from a superior-ranking individual. Despite being a multi-gendered race, there are no male, female, or otherwise distinctions within giff culture for rank or role.

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