Damaran Human Names

Ekov Dosk

Egan Sharnn

Behrd Gurov

Marra Shamov

Ekov Golitsyn

Aethra Stefka

Ivoff Dosk

Grivor Sharnn

Aethra Shamov

Mivall Petska

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Where do Damarans come from?

Damarans were descendants of the integrated Nars, Rashemi, and Sossrim tribes and the Chondathan migrants that had become scattered after the Netheril fell. They settled in Damara among the Bloodstone Lands in northeastern Faerûn and large portions of the northern and northeastern lands of Impiltur, Thesk, and the Vast.

The Bloodstone Lands is a brutally cold area among northeast Faerûn and is a part of the wider-known Cold Lands. These include the Great Glacier to the north, the nation of Impiltur to the south, the Galena and Earthspur Mountains that border Thar and Cormanthor, the Moonsea to the west, and Narfell, The Great Dale, and Thesk to the east. This triangular area of the Bloodstone Lands mostly covered Damara and Vaasa, with an area of about 150,000 square miles (388,500 km2).

Damara first began to rise as a nation in 1064 DR, under the long unbroken rule of Feldrin Bloodfeathers bloodline, Damara’s first King and capital Heliogabalus’s founder. The nation’s growth was primarily due to the successful export of the land’s namesake bloodstone, a highly-mined precious chalcedony gem. Bloodstone could be mined throughout the realms but was particularly abundant in the Barony of Bloodstone in Bloodstone Pass. Damara as a nation relied on the sale and trade of this natural resource to become a major power in Faerûn. They exported the gem westward to the Moonsea and sold it to nations like Thesk, Sembia, Impiltur, and others on the coasts of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Prosperous and protected by their harsh natural environment, the people of the Bloodstone Lands lived in peace and with great wealth.

What makes Damarans unique?

Damarans are humans with fair to tawny skin tones, usually with brown or black hair, and are average in height and build. Though brown is the most prolific, their eye color tends to vary widely. Which region of the Bloodstone Lands also played a role in Damaran appearance. Those who lived south of the Earthfast Mountains more closely resembled Chondathans, while Damarans from Vaasa took on the characteristics of Sossrim people.

The people of Damara have a strong sense of morality, with lawfulness a prominent feature in most populations. Proud and stubborn people, they often shun those with unscrupulous morals. Though they are more accepting of the peoples of Aglarond, thanks to its sizeable elven influence, the Vast, who Chondathans influenced, and the city of Telflamm, which is home to the Shadowmasters.

Damarans have generally remained in the same region of Faerûn, choosing lives as farmers, lumberers, or miners. However, there is a passion for adventuring among the people of Damara, echoing back to their struggle generations ago to reclaim the Easting Reach from the demons of Narfell. Many have pursued such a life, but it’s most popular among the noble youth of Damara, who see the opportunity as a rite of passage. These young nobles venture out to prove their worth in a tradition that has been in place for centuries, long before the Era of Upheaval. Often sponsored by one of the many generous churches from the Easting Reach, their journeys could last for several years. However, those lucky enough could find wealth, discover new realms, and attempt to claim new lands—all of which would increase their family’s holdings in the process.

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