Illuskan Human Names

Uludrun Stormdreamer

Tanthra Windhorn

Foyra Marbleridge

Kaldra Amberfire

Anode Copperbluff

Bethestre Dustfall

Kathestrid Hightail

Frenth Middlerock

Lethyra Windriver

Amalena Humblecliff

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Where do Illuskans come from?

Also referred to as Northlanders, Illuskans are humans living within the Sword Coast North, along the Dessarin Valley, on the islands in the Trackless Sea, and among the Uthgardt tribes.

The largest of these regions is the Sword Coast North, which runs along the northwest coast of Faerûn. It is known for its steep mountain ranges, prolific forests, and rugged rolling landscape. Though the cities and towns that dot these lands are known for their cultural similarities, they have yet to unify into a formal nation. However, this does not leave the region without a governing body. The largest merchant cities came together to form the Lord’s Alliance with neighboring allies in 1325 DR, which lasted until the late 15th century.

The Dessarin Valley and the Trackless Sea islands are smaller by comparison. Beyond the Sword Mountains to the south of the Sword Coast lies the Dessarin Valley. Known as the Gateway to the North, this region stretches from the mountains to the High Forest. It has mainly remained unsettled with a smattering of remote villages and farmsteads. Though, it provided a far more comfortable life than the Savage Frontier. The Trackless Sea lies southwest of the Sea of Swords and continues northward to the Sea of Moving Ice and south along the peninsula of Chult.

The Uthgardt tribes originated in the Savage North when a cluster of human barbarians came together to worship Uthgar, a chieftain hero who became a god. Each of the eleven tribes selected one of the sacred beasts conquered by Uthgar to become their spiritual totem. Over time, these totems came to symbolize a particular aspect of Uthgar’s nature and became essential in mediating potential conflict between the tribes.

Before migrating to these lands, the Northlanders lived on the island of Ruathym. They ventured from their home and sailed on the Sea of Swords to other nearby islands, eventually founding the port city of Luskan. Also known as the City of Sails, Luskan lies within the Sword Coast North, near River Mirar. Though frequented by pirates and sailors alike, the port city was considered relatively remote and a last stop of civilization before the harsh cold journey to the North.

What makes Illuskans unique?

A tall, fair-skinned people, Illuskans usually have blue or gray eyes. Those who populate the Icewind Dale and Trackless Sea islands tend to have lighter hair, with blonde, red, and brown being most prominent. While the Illuskans from the North, with Netherese heritage, have raven black hair.

Also called the Neth, the Netherise lived in the ancient magocratic nation. Over time many cultures, like the Shadovar, the Haulruaans, the Bedine, and Illuskans, were all assimilated into the Netherise. As a result of the fall of the great Empire of Magic in the 14th century DR, only a few groups of pure-blood Netherese still exist on Toril. When High Netheril fell in the 4th century preceding the Dale Reckoning, those who survived began to venture away from northern Faerûn. This migration included individuals from High Netheril, Anauria, Asram, and Hlondath, as well as the commoners of Low Netheril.

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