Rashemi Human Names

Mandgar Mecek

Imdra Sudanak

Tamith Zbytek

Navarith Bohdan

Fyevara Sudanak

Bankhar Slavka

Borvik Zivan

Janglak Sudanak

Imzela Bretik

Himmith Rostik

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Rashemi Names

Where do the Rashemi come from?

Also known as Rashemaar within their native lands, the Rashemi were a group of humans that settled in the nations of Rashemen and Thay. Many of the Rashemi are descendants of mercenaries hired by the Mulhorand during the Orcgate wars of -1075 DR to -1069 DR. After helping to win those battles, they forged the empire of Rashemaar to rival Mulhorand and Unther.

During the centuries that followed, the Rashemi fought tirelessly against the Narfell empire for control over their native tribal lands on the Pridor plateau. Unfortunately, both empires would suffer mutual defeat in -150 DR. An Avatar of Kossuth, the Lord of Flames, and the demon lord Eltab led a massive fiendish army that resulted in thousands of deaths, leaving both empires' forces crippled. Seizing the opportunity, soldiers of the Mulhorand empire swept in and reoccupied the surrounding territories of the Priador plateau. The Rashemi would continue to feel the weight of this loss until the end of the Era of Upheaval. The descendants of the Mulhorand people would continue to subjugate and oppress those with Rashemi blood.

The demon lord Eltab continued to rule over the lands of Rashemen following their defeat. However, the Witches of Rashemen, or Wychlaran, joined forces with the native peoples under the banner of the warrior Yvengi and drove the demon out in -75 DR. After their reclamation, Thay would attempt to take the land of Rashemen many times, but the Rashemi continued to prevail. Their influence would expand across the Priador plateau as their society grew in numbers, eventually becoming the predominant ethnic group within both Rashemen and Thay.

What makes the Rashemi unique?

The Rashemi are typically short in stature with a hardy, muscular build. Their skin was often dusky in color, and they had dark eyes and lush black hair. The men commonly wore thick dark beards, and rarely if ever, went bald. Women were skilled in the art of plaiting or elaborately braiding their long hair.

The people of Rashemen respected their elders for their great wisdom and mental determination and expected the youth to work hard to earn their place in the world. As a part of a coming-of-age ritual known as dajemma, young adult Rashemi traveled extensively to learn from other cultures. Young men often traveled with younger members of the Wychlaran known as hathran. The practice of dajemma provided the Rashemi people with considerable worldly knowledge.

This enlightenment and passion for wisdom heavily influenced the Rashemi culture. Their awareness of the plight of others allowed them to shed the shackles of greed and avarice. The Rashemen people believed themselves to be residents of a harsh and beautiful land ruled by spirits and gods. Rarely did they display the same arrogance often seen in other human ethnic groups. They saw life as a series of challenges to confront and overcome and placed significant value on individual accomplishment and fortitude.

Despite their focus on real-world strength, the Rashemi tended to be reasonably superstitious. In many circles, it was considered bad luck to seek knowledge of one's fortune. Rashemen people would spit on their fingers, make a fist, and then flick their fingers three times to ward off bad luck.

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