Owlin Names

Estmous Frostlume

Shalman Stonebill

Ferugin Sturdyplume

Harriwen Sullenest

Adberth Leanest

Bodica Shineplume

Fernama Stonemantle

Birtrund Ebontuft

Shuvida Dusktalon

Adrelgahrd Swiftbeak

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Owlin Names

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What are owlins?

Whether slight and feathery or broad-winged and exalted, owlins grow into various shapes and sizes. Though some historians debate their ancestry, most believe the owlin lineage traces back to the giant owls of the feywild. However, while they have maintained the bipedal stature of their ancestral kin, owlins have developed more human-like features with arms, legs, and wings that now extend from their back and shoulders.

Along with their wings, owlins have also maintained the stealthy quality of their predecessors feathers. These sleek marvels of nature make virtually no sound when owlins move or fly about, allowing them to stay surprisingly quiet when necessary. Many owlins have also inherited their proposed kin's fondness for the night. Some are known to be entirely nocturnal, while others may simply rise later in the mornings earning their moniker as "night owls."

Though not currently a canonical part of the fifth edition, many long-time Dungeons & Dragons fans may notice similarities between the Owlins and the Hsiao. As another owl-like race, the Hsiao first appeared in Tall Tales of the Wee Folk, a Creature Cruicibal supplement. This booklet described the Hsiao as peaceful, intelligent philosophers of the forests. However, unlike owlins, these creatures were far closer in appearance to the giant owls of the feywild.

Where do owlins live?

While their ancestors may have settled among the feywild, owlins can appear in nearly any campaign setting across the multiverse of Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering. Players interested in creating an owlin character should consult their game master to help decide their place in the world relative to the chosen campaign setting. Most owlins would be a welcome addition to any adventuring party. However, those who enjoy role-playing may want to remember their chosen character's heritage and how that upbringing may differ from the rest of the surrounding world.

Players who wish to follow adventure guides like Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos, may find it more worthwhile to choose an origin within the world of Arcavios. The five ancient dragons established Strixhaven University in the northeastern area of Orrithia, one of the two major continents within Arcavios. This area, also known as the Vast-lands, is home to a tremendous variety of peoples, including owlins.

Although, players interested in this adventure are not necessarily limited to the world of Arcavios. Founded over seven centuries ago, Strixhaven became the leading university for magical learning, a dream place of study for many. Students throughout the many realms aspire to be accepted and gain similar notoriety and acknowledgment for themselves.

The university strives to discover and preserve magical knowledge, promote the dissemination of its findings, encourage the free and open study of all magic, and enhance the lives of others. Those associated with or who graduate from the institution bring honor and respect to their families and communities. With the vast array of academic and magical specialties taught at the five Strixhaven colleges, players have a unique opportunity to explore the world of magic like no other environment before. As a result, characters within this campaign setting could come from virtually anywhere.

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