Triton Names

Vlaren Sharkseth

Althan Arkahleth

Sashan Ahlorsath

Altumyn Tumbeapith

Althan Arkahleth

Doryn Vuutripith

Darun Trishinath

Jhimen Vuulorsath

Wylun Vuutriteth

Sashys Vatrixoth

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Triton Names

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What makes triton names unique?

Triton names originate from the aquan language and contain two or three syllables. Masculine names usually end in a vowel and the letter “s,” while feminine names terminate with an “n.” Tritons use their home protectorate as a part of their surname, adding a vowel and “th” to the end of the territory's name.

What are tritons?

Historians believe tritons were created on the Elemental Plane of Water by their benevolent patron god Persana, also known as the Guardian of the Deep. Their forms were humanoid but decidedly aquatic, with webbed hands and feet and dorsal fins below their calves. However, it was their skin that truly rendered them visually distinct from other humanoids. It was often a deep-blue color but could also appear pearlized, various shades of green, and even more bizarre colors in rare instances.

Persana created the tritons in response to a growing threat of evil elementals. In the centuries that followed, tritons waged war against their enemies, fending off endless waves of elementals from the darkest depths of the Elemental Plane of Water. However, as time passed, the relentless fury of their foes began to grow still. Curious, the tritons sent scouts to investigate and found that krakens, sahuagin, and even far-worse had managed to flee to the Material Plane.

Driven by their sense of duty, the tritons gathered a great conclave of skilled warriors and pursued the elemental beings. They began to spread across the oceans of Toril and establish protectorates in areas they believed their enemies might lurk, defeating some and driving others to the farthest reaches of the oceans.

Aware of their foes' cleverness and talent for resurrection, the tritons decided to settle on the Material Plane and watch for any signs of the elementals return. Eventually, they took it upon themselves to extend their stewardship, expand their settlements, and build trade outposts to strengthen relationships with other races.

However, their grand purpose and limited understanding of the Material Plane and the struggles of the surface world often give off an air of haughty arrogance. Many landbound races believe the evil creatures defeated by the tritons to be myth and legend, and therefore do not pay them the respect they may rightfully deserve. Though, the tritons tendency to expound upon the great debt that others owe them does very little to help their cause.

Where do tritons live?

Despite their expansion beyond the protectorates, tritons are still relatively isolated and unfamiliar to other races. An occasional emissary my venture to the surface during particularly trying times, but most tritons stay among the depths of the seas. Life on the surface can be difficult for those that make the trek. Their lack of vertical mobility is often infuriating, the changing seasons are foreign and confusing, and most customs and social institutions are baffling.

A triton's arrogance often affects their willingness to accept the values and behaviors of other races. It is much easier for them to blame the unusual social practices on what the tritons perceive as barbaric, weak, or cowardly actions of the surface folk.

Triton culture is proud, disciplined, organized, and typically unified around a common cause. Despite their pride, they are noble, kind-hearted people who value the world and other races. However, their isolation has left them ignorant of the behaviors of the surface world. Most tritons find it challenging to understand the complex webs of alliances and rivalries and the petty arguments that prevent the land-dwelling races from unifying.

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