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Lady of the Fey

Drunken Discovery

Cockatrice Cocktails

Stout Halfling

Right Cider

Easy Speaker

Stewed Iris

Galloping Grog

Short Father

Willing Cup

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Need a drink?

Many great tales of adventure have started with a chance encounter at a tavern. Suppose you wish to stumble upon like-minded individuals to join your party, discover a new quest from a local, or make your name as the only gnome to drink his weight in Luiren Rivengut. In that case, there is rarely a more excellent place to visit than the local watering hole.

Taverns can take many shapes, both in physicality as well as atmosphere. In a large city, you may find a well-constructed, two-story building alive with all manner of light and sound. The raucous crowd inside may be celebrating a bountiful harvest, a local hero, or a recent holiday. This alehouse could provide an opportunity for an adventuring party to meet new people, steal a few secrets from the inebriated townsfolk, or perhaps avoid local authorities by hiding in plain sight.

Another tavern may appear worn and uninviting with a dark interior thick with pipe smoke. Other than the bartender, there may only be a few people inside, most of which are sitting alone. The woman behind the bar may be brooding and grizzled with cold and unexpressive responses. This unassuming dive could be a great place to set up a secret meeting, start a localized revolution, or exist as the headquarters for the local thieves guild.

What else do they serve?

Taverns can be incredible places to celebrate accomplishments and let loose after a hard-fought battle. Some may provide an excellent opportunity for your bard to spin a wild story or sing of your party’s recent conquest. A game master might even choose to present a bar-crawl-type atmosphere with a laundry list of potential brews, wines, and liquors. However, a tavern can be much more than an opportunity for a player to knock back a few drinks.

Barkeeps and waitstaff, for example, may sell just as much information as they do Baalor Ale. It should be no surprise that a great many adventurers come through local taverns, and many secrets have slipped from those who have had a bit too much to drink. A good roll and a bit of gold could give you just what you need to continue your quest. Still, it’s not all deception and bar tabs.

Taverns can also provide opportunities to make money as well. A common way to earn a quick gold piece or two would be to inquire about local guilds or factions that may have posted jobs. Although, you may just as easily make a bit of coin gambling and playing the local card game, engaging in an eating or drinking contest, or even trying your luck at arm wrestling the local strong man.

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