Genasi Names

Travertine Moondusk

Surge Cindercrest

Torch Doomshield

Ray Rehdan

Ebb Calmember

Brand Bretik

Drift Rehdan

Jade Hanif

Sally Sudanek

Carbon Kao

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What makes genasi names unique?

Genasi typically inherit the naming conventions of the native peoples or creatures within their community. As they mature, many take a more descriptive name that embodies their elemental heritage like Flame, Ember, Wave, or Onyx.

What are genasi?

Genasi are typically the offspring of genies and mortals and often manifest powers relating to the Elemental Planes. Though it is rare and often difficult for most mortals to visit the extreme environments of the Planes, genies are often much more suited for the opposite transition. During such excursions, more than one mortal has caught the eye of these mystical visitors.

The children of these chance encounters are genasi: a race of unique humanoids with ties to both worlds yet belonging to neither. However, not all are born of direct mortal-genie unions. Elemental heritage can lie dormant for generations, and some unassociated individuals with extreme exposure to elemental energies have given birth to genasi children.

At first glance, most genasi can pass for humans, though their unusually colored red, green, blue, or grey skin is generally a dead give-away. Earth and water genasi tend to be heavier in stature, while air and fire are typically more slender. Their physical features are usually a mix of both heritages, though most lean toward their mortal parent—which could be from any willing race.

Genasi often experience a life of struggle and longing. Most come from broken homes, as genie parents rarely have any interest in their offspring, seeing them as fleeting, unimportant mistakes. Their lives outside of this rarely fare better, as unknowing and fearful mortals often drive Genasi into exile.

Despite this, it is rare to find a genasi lacking in confidence. Their inherited magical abilities often feed a strong sense of self-worth, allowing many genasi to tackle almost any challenge set in their path. This courage and resilience has permitted some to gain power and influence where elemental beings are more accepted. Some assume leadership of savage humanoids and weird cults in the untamed lands, while others have left the Material Plane and returned to the households of their genie parents.

Where do genasi live?

Due to the rarity of their species, most genasi live a lifetime without encountering another of their kind. There are seldom small communities of the genasi people, let alone great cities or empires. Instead, they often adopt the cultures and societies into which they are born.

Living in the countryside forced many genasi into uncomfortable situations. Individuals without the multi-cultural perspective of a large metropolis tend to be less accepting of an individual's differences. These discriminatory behaviors could range from an unassuming cold-shoulder to violent segregation and ostracism. Those forced out of or looking for a new home often seek out large, busy cities where their unusual appearance would be unlikely to cause a commotion. However, genasi unwilling to hide in plain sight, ventured into isolation among the elements of their heritage, taking refuge near lakes, mountains, forests, or underground.

As descendants of the djinn and efreet who once ruled over Calimshan, air and fire genasi, though still uncommon, typically appear in the western regions of Faerûn. In contrast, water and earth genasi do not have a known commonality among their histories. The occasional skipped generations and inconsistently documented family lineage has caused many to lose track of their true heritage. The only known history tells of the earth genasi originating from the northern mountains, while the water genasi emerged from the regions surrounding the Sea of Fallen Stars.

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