Air Genasi Names

Brume Dimhammer

Typhoon Marusarz

Kalani Hrdlik

Breeze Lightgust

Souta Senait

Puff Tu

Loop Kontar

Tuuli Givenglory

Vayu Finevalor

Flow Zivan

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What makes air genasi names unique?

Like their alternative elemental cousins, young air genasi hold names that pertain to their adopted culture. As they reach maturity, many use illustrative or more meaningful terms that relate to their genie lineage. Names like Sky or Rush are common, as are similarly descriptive words in other languages.

What are air genasi?

Air genasi are the progeny of mortals and djinn, the genies native to the Elemental Plane of Air. While most air genasi have direct parentage, elemental ancestry can lie dormant for generations before a genasi is born. In rarer cases, those exposed to extreme elemental energies have the potential to give birth to genasi children as well.

At first glance, most genasi can pass for humans, though their unusually colored hair and skin are generally a dead give-away. Air genasi tend to be slighter in stature than their other elemental cousins, and their skin ranges from shades of blue to human coloring with cerulean or ashen overtones. Some air genasi develop lines or cracks along their bodies that emit bluish-white energy. Their hair also takes on the properties of their elemental heritage, continuously waving in a phantom breeze or made entirely of clouds or haze.

Many air genasi experience a life of struggle and longing. Most come from broken homes, as djinn rarely have any interest in their offspring, seeing them as fleeting, unimportant mistakes. Their lives outside this rarely fare better, as unknowing and fearful mortals often drive air genasi into exile.

Despite this, it is rare to find an air genasi lacking in confidence. Like their otherworldly ancestors, air genasi have a connection to the winds and the ability to call upon their power. These inherited magical abilities often feed a strong sense of self-worth, allowing many to tackle almost any challenge set in their path. This courage and resilience enable many to gain power and influence where elemental beings are more accepted. Some assume leadership of savage humanoids and weird cults in the untamed lands, while others leave the Material Plane for positions of prominence in the households of their genie parents.

What are djinn?

Djinn are genies born of the Elemental Chaos who call the Elemental Plane of Air their home. The features of most djinn are noble and powerful. They are taller than most humanoid creatures, averaging over ten feet in height, with athletic and sinewy bodies. Their skin tones were similar to that of their genasi children, with various hues of blue and darker olive or tan human coloring. Djinn wore comfortable shimmering silk garments highlighting their muscular bodies and deep brown eyes. A rare gifted few exhibit bright blue irises, a sign the fates had marked them for great good or evil.

Within the Plane of Air, djinn live on floating islands of soil and stone called freeholds. They pack these isles of earth with courtyards, buildings, gardens, fountains, and sculptures dedicated to the Great Caliph and their gods. The most glorious of these freeholds is the capital, the Citadel of Ice and Steel. Over the eons, the djinn sculpted this enormous mass of ice and stone into an ovular enclave that floats weightlessly within its realm.

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