Earth Genasi Names

Savannah Jarden

Stone Blackwood

Potter Chien

Fill Copperhide

Grove Khalyd

Amethyst Steelgrove

Soil Dusek

Ruby Kao

Crag Buzayue

Ajax Flintcrest

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What makes earth genasi names unique?

Like others of their kin, younger earth genasi typically inherit the naming conventions of the native peoples or creatures within their community. As they age, many take a more descriptive name that embodies their elemental heritage. These could be common cultural names representing the concept of earth or more direct terms like Stone or Flint.

What are earth genasi?

Earth genasi are typically the offspring of mortals and dao, genies that call the Elemental Plane of Earth home. Though the encounters are rare, it is not unheard of for a mortal to catch the eye of a genie visiting from its elemental plane of existence.

However, not all genasi are born of direct mortal-genie unions. Elemental heritage, and the relative strength and control over the elements, can lie dormant for generations before a couple may give birth to a genasi. Even individuals with no genie interaction or affiliation who become exposed to extreme elemental energies can give birth to genasi children.

Most genasi appear more human than genie, though their skin and hair are often significant identifiers. Like their water-affiliated cousins, earth genasi tend to be more stout than the rest of their kin. Their skin is typically the color of stone and earth or any variety of human tones with a unique sparkle of gem dust. A select few may also exhibit lines or cracks on their skin that emanate a dim, yellowish glow. Similar to other genasi, their hair may also take on elemental properties. An earth genasi may have hair that appears carved from rock or resemble strands of metal spun by a fine jeweler.

What are dao?

Genies of the Elemental Plane of Earth, dao are typically evil beings of tremendous power. Greedy and malicious, they decorate their bodies with jewelry crafted from treasured gems and expensive, rare metals. Dao are happiest when they are the envy of others, especially their kin.

They live in ever-changing complexes of curving tunnels and sparkling ore-veined caverns on the Elemental Plane of Earth. These mazes of underground channels shift and expand as the dao desire, with no regard for the poverty or well-being of others. Many carve dangerous pathways to steal away gems and precious metals, only to grind them over their food like a delicate spice.

Dao have no interest in helping others unless they have something to gain from the interaction. Even among their elemental cousins, only the efreet stay on relative speaking terms. However, there are things far worse than a dao's harsh scorn. They often seek new enslaved beings to mine their tunnels and unearth riches.

When they cannot find captives of their own, dao will trade for the finest servants money can buy. They force these unfortunate creatures to work in dangerous underground realms, ever-trembling with quakes. However, as much as they may love enslaving others, many dao have become ensnared by powerful arcane masters. Though they pride themselves on their greed, the dao's avarice often blinds them to a clever trap.

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