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What makes githyanki names unique?

Similar to their chaotic cousins, githyanki birth names and their meaning come from their native language. They are rarely longer than three syllables and sometimes use a similar apostrophized structure to elven and drow names. Though it is rare, some gith may take a last or familial name as a formality when interacting with other races. However, most use only a singular first name.

What are githyanki?

Githyanki are tall and emaciated-looking humanoids with pale skin that appears yellow, green, or brownish in tone. They have long heads with angular faces, deep-set eyes, flattened noses, and pointed ears. Their hair is often dark and includes colors like black, red, russet, and sometimes grey.

Some sages claim that the gith descended from humans long ago. However, their precise history remains a mystery due to the countless generations their kind spent subservient to the mind flayers. After breaking free from their enslavement, philosophical differences led to a cultural divide that gave rise to two groups at constant odds; the githyanki and the githzerai.

Some see the gith's story as a cruel twist of fate. Inspired by their leader and namesake (Gith), the gith rose to overthrow the mind flayers who held them in servitude. However, after gaining their freedom, the two factions disagreed on what type of civilization they should create. Their dispute grew from open hostility to civil war, forever dividing a people once united against a singular cause.

Motivated by revenge, the githyanki believe their centuries of suffering entitle them to whatever they want from the world around them. They send raiding parties to pillage other worlds, often returning with countless treasures and unfortunate enslaved beings. They also continue to hunt and kill mind flayers mercilessly as revenge for what they endured at the hands of the illithids.

Where do githyanki live?

After gaining freedom from the oppressors who enslaved their kind, the gith sought to establish a new nation by leveling the mind flayer empire. However, before reaching their goal, contrary ideology split the gith into two factions. While the more rebellious coalition of githzerai sought out the chaos of Limbo, the githyanki fled to the Astral Plane.

Unlike the Prime Material Plane, the githyanki's adopted home is a barren sea of other-dimensional void that extends in all directions, a timeless and silvery realm of floating matter and gray nothingness. Time in the Astral Sea flows at the same rate as the Prime Material. However, those among the Sea are nearly unaffected by the influence of time, allowing the githyanki who reside there to live indefinitely.

This granted immortality has allowed the githyanki to hone their psionic powers over eons within the Astral Plane. As they evolved, their kin began psychically bonding with their assumed home, expanding their understanding of the universe. The githyanki gained access to fragments of wisdom left behind by other beings who traverse, live, and perish among the irradiant astral clouds.

As the ages passed, the githyanki also transformed the floating remnants of a long-dead six-armed deity within the Astral Plane into the great city of Tu'narath. However, to expand their civilization, it became necessary to venture beyond the timeless nature of the Astral Plane. The githyanki created outposts throughout the multiverse, called creches, where children naturally reach adulthood, families grow, and knowledge of the surrounding worlds is collected.

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