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What makes kalashtar names unique?

Kalashtar create their names by adding a personal prefix to the name of the quori spirit that resides within them, like “-ara,” “-osh,” or “-tai.” While a kalashtar may identify with a specific gender, their names are fluid, holding no ties to a particular role. Orphans, however, are unlikely to know the name of their spirit or the practices of their culture. As a result, these kalashtar typically take names from various other sources.

What are kalashtar?

The kalashtar are a mixed-race formed through the union of humanity and renegade quori spirits from the Plane of Dreams. Other races see them as wise and spiritual people with great compassion for those around them. However, the constant internal conflict between their two halves causes a peculiar alien quality to kalashtar behavior.

Though they appear human, the kalashtar's shared connection to spirits of the light subtly affects their appearance. They typically have the same range of eye, hair, and skin colors, but their build is tall and slender with symmetrical and slightly angular features. Their most notable difference is a glow that emanates from their eyes while focusing or expressing strong emotions.

Despite their union, kalashtar are unable to communicate with their quori spirits directly. Instead, they experience their bond through a sense of instinct or inspiration, drawing on the spirit's memories through shared dreams. This developed connection to their minds grants most kalashtar with minor psionic abilities and protections. Though all of the quori dream-spirits of the kalashtar are righteous, some are warriors while others are more contemplative.

Through their connection, most kalashtar are naturally aware of the name and nature of their bonded spirit. However, these unique unions can often cause unusual personality quirks. Some kalashtar have become so obsessed with their fight against the Dreaming Dark that they invent or explain odd conspiracy theories. Others may be too shy to speak aloud, preferring to use telepathy to communicate with those around them. A select few spend so much time in their dreams that they apply dream logic to mundane real-life situations. Regardless of their peculiarities, most kalashtar still have the best intentions at heart.

Where do kalashtar live?

Kalashtar first appeared in Eberron around 1,800 years ago, after the quori spirits fled the dream realm of Dal Quor searching for refuge. The majority now reside in the temple-keeps of Adar, a mountainous region in Sarlona's southwest. However, a select adventurous few have ventured out into the rest of Eberron.

Most kalashtar choose to live in and fight from their temples to keep the Inspired from expanding their domain. The Inspired are an evil-aligned, similarly merged race of humanoids and quori spirits who follow the Dreaming Dark. Although, not all Kalashtar are as focused on this singular purpose. Those more in tune with their sympathetic side often choose to fight evil in all of its many forms. These predilections toward virtue endear many kalashtar to other races. However, their psionic powers and alternative origins can make some hesitant.

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