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What makes warforged names unique?

While warforged were typically assigned numerical designations during their time in the military, many adopted nicknames given to them by their comrades. As the great war ended, most warforged sought to distance themselves from their past by taking new names. Some chose descriptive terms to express their life path, while others used more human pseudonyms, often to show respect to a fallen friend or mentor.

What are warforged?

Warforged were originally mindless automatons built to fight in the Last War, a great conflict that endeavored to reunite the Kingdom of Galifar after the death of King Jarot. However, House Cannith, one of several Dragonmarked houses in southern Breland, devoted vast resources to improving the warforged. Their efforts lead to an unexpected breakthrough that created a new sapient race.

Warforged exist as a complex blend of organic and inorganic materials. Fibrous root-like cords infused with alchemical fluids act as muscle tissue, wrapped around a skeleton of steel, hardwood, or various types of stone. Rigid armored plates form an exterior shell that protects vital areas and reinforces their joints. Most warforged also share a standard facial design with a hinged jaw and crystal eyes secured beneath a strengthened and pronounced brow ridge. Outside of these typical design elements, the exact materials and construction of a warforged vary depending on its intended purpose. Those with a more developed individuality may also desire to modify their body further, seeking out a skilled artificer to customize the look of their face, limbs, or plating.

Warforged had a clearly defined function for much of their existence, and their creators pressured them to focus on that role. As the war ended, the Treaty of Thronehold gave their kind freedom from their forced servitude and endless warfare. However, despite their liberation, many warforged still struggle to find their place and relate to the creatures who conceived them.

Most seek a specific purpose similar to what they experienced during wartime, like protecting their allies, completing contacts, or traversing new lands. Yet, while the typical warforged shows little emotion, a rare few enjoy exploring their feelings, freedom, and relationships with others. Religion often holds little interest, but some warforged embrace faith and mysticism, searching for a higher purpose and deeper meaning.

Where do warforged live?

As a new species created by mortal men, warforged do not have a specific land or region to call their own. Most warforged continue their existence scattered among the five nations of Khorvaire, seeking a new purpose. They reside in large cities or areas of great magical prowess due to the complex arcane rituals necessary to bring their kind to life and the skills and materials needed to maintain their mechanical bodies.

Though the vast majority of warforged came into being during the Last War, there are still quiet circles of powerful wizards and genius artificers obsessed with the idea of creating life. They continue to tinker and experiment, advancing the development of the warforged species outside their need as the tools of war. Some historians believe previous versions of similar, warforged-like peoples existed long ago in ancient, powerful civilizations lost to time.

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