Kender Names

Frits Darkmop

Cosgrave Dreadbreaker

Redden Snarespringer

Brick Greasehog

Kari Swiftknot

Cassidy Deadfoot

Farren Housebreaker

Edda Heavypack

Mullin Rightseem

Arni Prickleberry

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What makes kender names unique?

Like most civilized humanoid creatures, kender typically have a two-name structure. While they receive their first name at birth, their second name is self-given or acquired as a nickname from others. Kender craft these "chosen" names from various descriptors, including personality traits, notable exploits, recent life events, honored family members, or even unique trinkets they've obtained. Some kender have even taken the names of influential and prominent individuals in an attempt to inherit a similar reputation.

What are kender?

Like halflings and gnomes, kender are diminutive humanoids with varied human characteristics, with the tallest of their kin only reaching around four feet. Despite being residents of Krynn, many believe the kender have ties to the Feywild, citing their overtly whimsical and inquisitive nature and elf-like pointed ears. Though exact origins are unclear, the prevailing theory is that the kender are descendants of gnomes—whether by magical means or standard evolution. While not specifically called out in Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition, gnomes are considered fey creatures in most earlier editions, which would support the kender's long-standing affinity for fey magic.

A kender's lifespan is only around 100 years, though they do not show their age like many other humanoids. Most kender retain their youthful appearance long after their bodies begin to slow down due to the effects of time. As children, kender are perpetually curious creatures. They are known to ask questions incessantly, gaining most of their education from the skills and knowledge of their elders. As they enter adolescence and progress into their teen years, kender are known to be incredibly social, sharing acquired skills and knowledge with other young kin at festive community gatherings. It isn't until adulthood that they experience the intense wanderlust that most associate with their kind.

Kender typically begin their travels in their twenties, and spend the remainder of their adult lives roaming the world in search of all manner of adventures. Most kender retain this nomadic lifestyle until their bodies can no longer continue. When the inevitable happens, they tend to settle in large city centers where they can still indulge their natural curiosity from the relative comfort of home. This behavioral pattern is the driving force behind the spread of kender communities and how many cultures have come to know their inquisitive, wandering race.

What makes kender unique?

One of the most notable and capricious instances of the kender's abilities involves a magical phenomenon surrounding them. Unknown to most other mortal creatures, a kender's pockets and pouches magically fill with trinkets, curios, and keepsakes as they go about their day. Not even the kender know where the objects originate or how or why this occurs. And, without a proper alibi, many kender find themselves in hot water, as unknowing onlookers quickly label them crooks.

Consequently, less enlightened races use the term kender as a slur that grossly misrepresents the undersized people as thieves, rogues, or cutpurses. This offensive slight is particularly hurtful considering that most kender vehemently oppose stealing. While they may have trouble keeping their hands to themselves, kender are good-natured individuals with little concept of monetary value. As such, most are not susceptible to the typical temptations of modern greed and consider accusations of theiving incredibly insulting to their dignity.

However, that is not to say that kender are pitiful victims of circumstance. Many consider kender to be masters in the art of ridicule. Their intense curiosity provides unique insight into the flaws of those around them. Over the years, they have grown adept at targeting those defects through a growing library of taunts, insults, and sarcasm able to cut down even the tallest of creatures.

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