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What makes verdan names unique?

Traditional verdan names originated from the conventions of goblinoid culture. However, modern verdan have a more fluid relationship with their monikers. Many take inspiration from other surrounding cultures. Those living near dwarves may adopt a dwarven-sounding name but shift or alter the phonetics when wandering into human domains. Others may revise or adopt aliases depending on their appearance, mood, or social status. Verdan also have no distinction between male or female names, and many forgo family or surnames.

What are verdan?

Around the 15th century DR, the manifestation of entropy known as That-Which-Endures cast its shadow over a clan of goblinoid creatures living in the Underdark. The entity's immense chaotic power transformed those goblins and hobgoblins into what many now refer to as verdan. Their skin brightened to an almost jade coloring, their blood darkened to a black ichor, and their ears stretched out, ending in sharp points. Outsiders unaware of the evolution sometimes mistake the former goblinoids for slighter, green-skinned half-elves.

The influence of That-Which-Endures continues as verdan age, causing their bodies to undergo several potential physical changes. Though they begin life as creatures of goblin stature, all verdan are fated to experience a sudden, surprisingly painful, and unstable growth spurt. This transformation rapidly mutates their diminutive size into that of a hobgoblin in a matter of days.

Along with this shift in physicality, verdan tend to lose the vibrant, saturated jade tones of their skin, eyes, and hair. Their ears also undergo multiple involuntary changes, requiring those with oversized ears to pierce them with a single ring behind the head to keep them out of their face. Even gender can be affected by the fluidity of a verdan's biology.

Though many consider the metamorphic aspects of their form to be a curse, the verdan see it as a blessing. While specific changes may be uncomfortable, it allows their kind to experience life in new ways, developing heightened empathy and a broader understanding of the world.

Where do verdan live?

Before their exposure to the god-like entropic entity, the underground communities of the goblinoid clans covered a massive area. As a result, the verdan emerged in many different cultural locations when fleeing to the surface. These included dwarven strongholds, elven enclaves, and diverse human settlements across Faerûn.

With much of their memory taken by That-Which-Endures, the verdan had no culture of their own. Many adopted the practices of the peoples and society from which they migrated. However, even those welcomed with open arms often harbored feelings of isolation and uncertainty. This insecurity often led to intense wanderlust, a desire to set out and find their unique cultural identity. Consequently, most other races first encounter verdan on the road, packs on their back, searching for their place in the world.

Though anxious at times, verdan typically have a veracious appetite for new experiences and knowledge. When meeting others of their kind, they will drop everything to spend as much time as allowed to share tales and observations from their respective travels. While they may be intuitive and empathetic creatures by nature, these exchanges have helped the verdan build their community and quickly grow as a people.

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