Apothecary Names

Powdered Sprout

Essential Embrocations

Clay's Teakettle

Ground Mercy

Wicked Thicket

Yellow Yarrow

Summer Slime

Cosmos Blend

The Old Oak

Zest of Springtime

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Apothecary Names

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Do you need a potion?

Spend any time adventuring, and you’ll quickly learn that your strength and steal alone may not be enough to defeat the terrible evils that hide in the shadows of the realm. Whether you need something to boost speed, increase strength, heal a mortal wound, or grant yourself one of many magical powers, you’re bound to find it at your local apothecary.

Fumbling among the bubbling vials and strange smells, you will undoubtedly notice an innovative alchemist, herbalist, or spellcaster behind the counter. Their unique skill set and thirst for knowledge drive them to experiment with all manner of strange and wonderful concoctions. Stepping inside, a menagerie of vials, bottles, and flasks containing magical potions, acids, oils, perfumes, and even poisons await your perusal. However, depending on the skillset of the individuals on-site and the size of the city you may find yourself in, there could be more behind the counter than mysterious liquids. All manor of spell scrolls and magical items may also be available for purchase or commission. Depending on your request, just be prepared with a hefty sack of gold and some time to wait.

What else does an apothecary sell?

Regardless of your level and experience, there is always a particular set of physical requirements to cast a spell successfully. While most adventurers can easily accommodate the verbal and somatic elements with enough practice, all the magic words in existence cannot help to replace your material components. Whatever the need may be, your nearest apothecary can provide most anything from ash to yew leaves when the need arises.

Every shop may not carry precious gems or metals, and only certain ones may have an affinity for the darker side of necromantic practices. Though, beyond these hard-to-find pieces, most simple spell components should be readily available.

Among the shelves of an apothecary, there are even things for sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards. Typically, these mages can bypass the need for rudimentary or basic components by using an arcane focus. However, even careful magic-users may lose, break, or grow tired of their current focus. When the need arises, discerning spellcasters may be glad to know that orbs, crystals, staffs, wands—and sometimes even stranger focuses—can be made available.

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