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Simple Pleasures

Lidda's Luxury

New Heap

Green Wave

Bayer Getoot

Regdar's Repository

Supply Shrub

Rare Abundance

Fruitful Catchb

Nature's Sundry

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Need some supplies?

The enticing nature of magic potions, fierce weapons, and indestructible armor may be challenging to ignore in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Though, you would be a fool to look past the value of the more common or simple items readily available at most general stores. While an adventurer's starting equipment may include a significant number of these things, a bit of gold should be able to help you purchase anything you feel you might be missing.

Whether a burglar, diplomat, dungeoneer, entertainer, explorer, priest, or scholar, each player begins with a particular set of basic implements and provisions to get them started on their first adventure. However, the items inside and their usage will differ for each pack, and each player may use them differently. Along with this, most adventurers will receive the opportunity to choose an additional specialized set of tools. Their selection often helps them complete a task they could not do otherwise, such as craft or repair an item, forge a document, or pick a lock.

Still, much like the real world, all items made available to you are limited in their usefulness in one way or another. A player can quickly run out of ammunition, break or wear down their tools, lose a tinderbox, or consume all of their daily rations. When inventory hits zero, it probably means the adventuring party should start seeking out a local store to restock on whatever they need.

What’s in stock?

Similar to all other merchant buildings, not every general store is identical. They may or may not carry any number of items listed among ammunition, adventuring gear, containers, equipment packs, tools, gaming sets, musical instruments, and more. Distance from the nearest merchant company, differing climates and locales, and even the weather itself, could affect what is available to you depending on which city your party has found themselves within.

However, stores can often carry more than just tools and equipment. Trade goods, such as wheat, salt, or cloth, are usually available by the pound. Those interested in cooking or simply tasting the local ingredients may also purchase bulk quantities of ale or various meats and cheeses. Certain stores may even carry the occasional trinket or two. These are simple items touched with a hint of mystery that could add to your personal story or easily exist as a fondly remembered souvenir.

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