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Do you need a mount?

Traveling the lands of Faerûn can be taxing, especially without the assistance of a mount to carry the loot so many adventurers often refuse to leave behind. Whether looking for a horse, camel, or even an elephant, a stable can be the most reliable place to find your loyal plunder-carrying companion. Not all equine establishments are created equal, and not all towns may have the resources or need for such a building. However, those with enough luck or careful planning to happen upon a well-maintained stable might discover a fantastic would-be beastly friend. And, with enough care, patience, and coin, a creature that could become an invaluable addition to the team.

Beyond the previously mentioned beasts of burden, a stable can provide various other working animals. Mules, mastiffs, ponies, and warhorses are the most common in larger cities, and each has a unique speed, carrying capacity, and associated cost. Exotic or rare animals may also be available depending on your location and the flexibility of your game master. If you need a way to traverse the misty skyward realm of the cloud giants, a nearby metropolis may be the perfect place to find flying mounts like pegasi, griffons, and majestic hippogriffs. Similarly, a coastal city might have just what the party needs to traverse the briny ocean depths, like a giant sea horse or reef shark.

Still, not all mounts must act as a living vehicle or resource transport. As an extension of the adventuring party, many players take great care of their animals, treating them as pets rather than beastly workers. It's not unusual for characters with enough coin to spoil their animal friends by buying special feed or treats, along with lavish or specialized garments and equipment.

What else does a stable sell?

Like owning a pet in real life, a player's newly made friend often requires more than simple food and water. Though it can be expensive, a stable can help provide players with many helpful items. Though they may not stock everything a player may imagine, standard options often include various types of feed, shoes or foot protection, saddles, bridles, blankets, bags, reins, harnesses, and sometimes even explicitly designed wagons or carts. What a player needs will depend on their unique adventure, and what they pay may rely on what remains in their coin pouch and a carefully rolled charisma check.

Certain stables may also provide boarding or livery services for a small fee. Typically this is a way to provide food, shelter, and care for a beast while the players may be away on another adventure. Some livery yards may even inquire whether or not players would like their mounts to be let out for hire. Allowing the stable to use the party's companions in this manner can be a great way to earn extra income while the team focuses on a more serious part of their adventure. However, they still may wish to craft a careful contract to ensure acceptable treatment of their faithful friends while away.

And, of course, once a character has taken the time to carefully select the creature that best suits their needs and purchase all the animal may require to assist the party, they'll need to choose a name that best fits their new faithful companion.

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