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What are angels?

Though primarily humanoid in appearance, angels are powerful celestial agents sent forth into the planes to enact their god's will. Benevolent deities forge angels from their astral essence, providing them with great power and foresight and removing the need for food, drink, or sleep. An angel's beauty and poise can drive astonished witnesses to their knees. Despite this, the arrival of a divine creature indicates doom as often as it may offer hope.

Angels devote their lives to furthering their gods' agendas. So tireless is their work that chaotic good deities will often command lawful good angels, understanding that such dedication to order allows them to execute divine commands more efficiently. Still, while angels follow their god's decrees with a singular purpose, they are incapable of straying from the path of law and good.

As a result, angels are remorseless when killing evil creatures and rarely judge a situation incorrectly. This aspect of their being often creates an air of superiority, a trait that typically emerges when in conflict with other creatures. Angels never give way to the intentions of others that deviate from their divine objectives. When sent to aid mortals, they act not as servants but as staunch commanders of action deployed only in response to the direst of circumstances.

Some angels fail to see their impending downfall with such a strict moral compass and a strong sense of infallibility. Though usually too wise to fall for simplistic deceptions, an angel's unmoving self-importance can result in unintentionally evil acts. Regardless of their objective, any evil act becomes a permanent stain that marks this angel as an outcast.

Where do angels live?

Most angels live among the Upper Planes, utilizing the World Tree to travel freely between them by order of their gods. Those who stay among the Upper Planes typically serve as defenders and protectors of the realm, doing everything in their power to repel invaders. However, not all travelers have ill intentions. Some angels act as guides or guards to the mortal visitors with more virtuous pursuits.

Beyond their usual residences, angels also enter the Astral and Material Planes if desired by their divine masters or to follow their righteous purpose. There are also stories of some angels traversing as far down as the Lower Planes. Although, the inherent danger makes it a rare occurrence, typically reserved for missions of the utmost importance.

Fallen angels retain much of their power despite being banished from their divine homes and losing their connection to the deities who first coalesced their astral essence. Many take their exile personally and rebel against their former creators. Some seek dominion over parts of the Abyss, while others demand a seat within the fallen's hierarchy of the Nine Hells. The most infamous of these angels may be Zariel, the ruler of the Nine Hells' first layer.

Still, not all fallen angels have the will or resolve to act out. Some resign themselves to a solitary, isolated existence among the mortals of the Material Plane, disguising themselves as best they can and living simple lives as hermits. Though shunned by their gods, these fallen angels are not necessarily without redemption. Those able to discover renewed purpose and determination can become powerful allies dedicated to the side of justice and compassion.

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