Autognome Names

Nylla Maid Fifle

Dumilla Diplomat Treef

Greddle Smithy Tarin

Nex Promoter Daerdin

Wywockit Assistant Schippen

Alvynn Janitor Raulner

Gredden Fisher Daerg

Faldi Gunner Todin

Fugg Lyrist Meerin

Dillyn Brewer Daerdin

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What are autognomes?

Mechanical beings built by the clever tinkering rock gnomes, autognomes typically take on a similar appearance to their creators. Marvels of mechanical gears and pulleys combined with complex arcana, these automatons are given purpose by their makers, including exploration, rescue, protection, and defense.

A gnomish inventor may endeavor to create a steadfast colleague, a loyal companion, or a tenacious bodyguard with these directives in mind. However, like all life, autognomes are not perfect creatures. Whether due to a malfunction or unforeseen circumstance, they can become separated from their creators, forcing them to strike out of their own and pursue a new purpose in life.

Though autognomes bear a striking resemblance and can speak and understand gnomish, few would ever confuse them with their makers. Some may disguise themselves with adornments and clothing, but their internal components betray their attempts at concealment. Whirring and clicking like intricate clockwork, even well-built bodies clank and wheeze from time to time.

While all autognomes have a similar overall appearance, the elements used in their manufacture can differ significantly. Scholars have noted automatons with beating hearts in their chest cavities, some powered by unique and rare arcane components, while others may come to life through mysterious and unnatural rituals. Regardless of their creation, the remarkable presence of an autognome often draws the attention of other beings—particularly tinkerers and artisans.

What makes autognomes unique?

As automatons, autognomes do not have a society, culture, or preferred habitat of their own. Those who explore the world set out for many different reasons. Some creators build autognomes to complete specific missions, while others urge them to follow their dreams. Other autognomes may find fault in their original purpose or feel mistreated and leave to find a greater purpose. Some have lost or unintentionally harmed their creators, leaving the automatons without a home. Others still may lose their programming or even fall victim to kidnapping, forever questing to return home.

An autognome's mind is wildly complex yet direct and inflexible. Though some may have specific objectives, most have impeccable memories, able to retain and process many commands at once. Some creators grant their autognomes the ability to hold conversations and make decisions for themselves. However, their way of thinking is rigid, and it is rare for an autognome to deviate from their directives. Unless carefully and meticulously crafted, their understanding of the world can be limited and affect their approach to logic. An autognome poorly programmed to retrieve wood may begin removing beams from an existing structure or attempt to steal an appendage from a dryad or treant.

Gnomish creators fiercely guard the secrets of the autognome building process, some even keeping certain intricacies to themselves. However, stories tell of ancient spells, enchanted items, and materials worth thousands of gold being necessary. Unfortunately, despite the effort required for their creation, autognomes are not eternal creatures. They typically have multi-century lifespans similar to their gnome creators. Though they may not fit within the typical circle of life, their inevitable break down into scrap piles often serves as spare parts for new and future autognome life.

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