Hadozee Names

Hoo Rayson

Screek Blackson

Aakchaa Brinedaughter

Hooatt Silentson

Aatt Giftson

Oochee Boonsdaughter

Hegree Mightson

Squook Devineson

Cheetr Clouddaughter

Heet Curseson

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What are hadozees?

Humanoids with simian features, hadozees evolved from the ancient tree-dwelling creatures of their homeworld. Like their hands, hadozees have opposable thumbs on their feet, making them incredibly adept climbers. They also have membranous skin that hangs loosely from their arms and legs that allow them to glide through the air when stretched taught.

Less discerning folk have described hadozees as ape-like creatures. However, they are taller and thinner than most apes and have characteristics more akin to baboons. Thick fur in various brown colors covers their bodies and surrounds their faces with a shaggy mane. Many hadozees have such a dense coat that they even lack the necessity for clothing. Their snouts protrude from their faces, sitting between a mouth of sharp fangs and sparkling black eyes.

Though their posture often gave the appearance of a much shorter creature, most hadozees had similar builds to slender humans. They were typically well-built, though rarely overly muscular. They did not have tails like monkeys, but their prehensile feet allowed them to hold on to items just as others would with their hands.

Although, the most distinctive physical feature of the hadozee race is their patagial wing flaps. Like a bat or flying squirrel, this skin membrane hung loosely between their arms and legs, extending as far as their wrists and ankles. A hadozee could stretch this membrane tight by raising its arms and often used them to glide between treetops.

Where do hadozees live?

The exact origins of the hadozee race are widely unknown. Wherever they had once called their home has been long forgotten by even their elders. Most hadozees only know the rambling life of a wanderer or sailor and believe that their race has always existed this way. Despite this innate wanderlust, most hadozees have a strong sense of community.

Early hadozees developed this instinctual drive to gather among their kin from years of falling victim to large natural predators. What began as a necessary tactic to survive their harsh environment became the compelling force behind the social interactions of hadozees today. Many actively seek to cultivate new and meaningful relationships as a way of bolstering their numbers and increasing their safety.

It is common for hadozees to form tight-knit communities with as many as thirty of their kind. These modest clans spend much of their time together, relying on one another for basic needs like food, shelter, education, and training. Most hadozees wait to find their mate until near the end of their traveling days. Once paired with a partner, they often raise their children communally within their clans, allowing the parents to pursue a few more final adventures while still able.

Though they live within their respective groups, hadozees are hospitable to others of their kind. They take great joy in exchanging stories of their travels and learning clever trade secrets. Hadozees are also model house guests and tenants, maintaining their living quarters exceptionally well, often leaving the space in better condition than when they found it.

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