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What makes locathah names unique?

Locathah names are often short and have phonetic similarities to bubbling or dripping water. Their unique pronunciations can be difficult for other races, though a locathah's typical standoffishness often relieves others from the necessity of doing so. Locathah also rarely use family names, even though most have strong family and community ties.

What are locathah?

Locathah are fish-like humanoids with fine scales that cover their bodies. These scales range in color from olive green to ochre, with their stomachs colored sea green to pale yellow. Their piscatorial heads have large black or white eyes, toothless mouths, and small fins where their ears would be. Rather than hair, the top of their heads have dorsal fins and flukes.

History has been cruel to most locathah. Nearly every race within the Sea of Fallen Stars has enslaved them at some point, and the kuo-toa and ixitxachitl are undoubtedly the worst. While many locathah have managed to free themselves from their captors to live meager nomadic lives, some still exist as unfortunate slaves among the deeper oceans.

Many believe that the enslavement of the locathah was due to tribal fragmentation. Enemies of the tribe would lie in wait, striking during periods of internal strife or tenuous situations with allies. In response, most locathah now live in tight-knit nomadic communities and often look to form strong partnerships with those who prove to be valuable allies.

Despite their unfortunate history of slavery and the unbearably cruel treatment forced upon them, most locathah have a surprisingly practical outlook. They do not cling to feelings of hatred, seek out revenge upon their former captors, or believe being or becoming a slave to be shameful. Instead, it is complacency and surrendering to your situation that they find most offensive. Short of causing physical harm, locathah will do nearly anything to push their kind to escape if enslaved by someone else.

The locathah's deep-seated fear of capture still informs a lot of their social behavior. As a result, they are often easily offended by those unfamiliar with their unwritten rules of etiquette. The most prominent of which is that they do not like to be touched by other species. Interactions with other races are always at a distance, and they are especially cautious of anyone carrying a weapon.

Where do locathah live?

Locathah typically make their homes in the warmer coastal sea waters. They tend to prefer deeper areas, but many races with a history of enslaving the locathah still live in such places. As a result, most have adapted to living in the shallows instead.

A social race, locathah live in communal tribes of varying sizes. Smaller tribes are often male-dominated, but those with 100 members or more generally prefer a matriarchal chieftain. Like a queen bee, this chieftain lays numerous eggs that are looked after by the rest of the tribe. Those not designated as caretakers spend their time working and fiercely defending the kelp farms and hunting territories. Despite this fierce protective nature, many locathah are kind to well-meaning strangers.

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