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What are fairies?

Elf-like in appearance and typically with insectile wings, fairies are creations of the Feywild infused with its magics. Despite their humanoid appearance, fairies are deeply magical fey creatures. Though there is a commonality to their race’s appearance, fairies tend to have a unique physical characteristic that sets them apart from others of their kind. These traits could include more avian looking wings, shimmering or multi-colored skin, unusually enlarged ears, an ever-present mist of glitter and sheen, a small spectral horn on the forehead like the tiniest of unicorns, legs of an insect, a lingering smell of fresh baked goods, or a harmless but noticeable chill that emanates for their being.

Fairies are small folk, though they still stand taller than creatures of similar stature like pixies and sprites. While their wings allow them the gift of flight, their strength and stamina are less than substantial. These unfortunate shortcomings result in a humble flying speed and the inability to carry a moderately heavy load. However, many fairies make up for this with their affinity and skill in fairy magic.

As is typical of many fey creatures, fairies first spoke Elvish, Goblin, or Sylvan. However, as more humans started to venture into the Feywild and many fairies entered the Prime Material Plane, learning the common tongue also became necessary. Despite their interactions, many fairies still preferred the company of fey, fey-touched, or exceptionally magically gifted creatures. Fairy rings discovered in the mortal world often appeared in elven tombs or the overgrown ruins of ancient magical towers.

Where do fairies live?

Though fairies travel between realms, and some may take refuge in the great magical forests of Toril, most prefer their home realm. Many wonderful and strange people live beside fairies among the Feywild, a plane that runs parallel to the Prime Material Plane. The most notable include the summer eladrin, the LeShay, Fomorians, hags, satyrs, boggles, meenlocks, and dryads. Along with others, these creatures generate the wild, magical energy that fuels the Feywild itself. Often considered an “echo” of the Material Plane, the Feywild holds similar topography and geography to the mortal world. However, the magic within often ebbs and flows, shifting the lands around as it does.

Though similar, the actual landscape of the Feywild is thought of as fundamentally primal or largely untouched by civilization. Nature presides over all of the surrounding lands. In the Material Plane, where one might expect to find a sprawling, bustling city, the fey world may instead reveal immense hunting outposts or the overgrown ruins of a long-forgotten but deceptively active civilization. Even similarly desolate areas among the mortal realm might manifest as massive, impenetrable forests in the Feywild.

Though a beautiful and majestic home, the raw and primal magic that sustains the Feywild creates an uncertain environment for creatures like the fairies to live. Like many others who live within the fey realm, they must be cautious of making deals with unusual magical entities, accepting unexpected gifts, and even uttering their name.

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