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What makes minotaur names unique?

Nearly every young minotaur receives a name that is part of a long list of various characters of legend. These ancient stories recount the adventures of heroes, retainers, allies, lovers, servants, and enemies alike. However small, and regardless of their role, minotaurs use these names to remember their heroes and honor their accomplishments.

Due to the immense size of their families, most minotaurs do not find it helpful to add their clan to their given names. Even individuals of prominence prefer to use only their first name rather than referring to themselves as humans might.

What are minotaurs?

Minotaurs are stout, barrel-chested humanoids with heads and faces resembling those of bulls. Their horns can range in size from a modest foot long to nearly three times the size of their heads, growing into large, curved natural weapons. Minotaurs are proud of their horns, often adding metal rings and other ornaments or sheathing them in various metals to protect them from damage.

Typically, minotaurs have shaggy fur that extends from their horns, moving down their necks and covering their backs. Males also have long tufts of hair that cover their chins and cheeks. Their bovine qualities extend to include a long tufted tail and legs that end in heavy cloven hooves. However, some minotaurs, including those of the Ordrunn clan, dock their tails as a part of a coming-of-age ceremony.

The minotaurs’ zealous love for battle is widely known, and those among the Gruul Clans tend to indulge their more vicious tendencies. However, those of the Ordruun family line, who often associate with the Boros Legion, are much better known and respected by other races. Boros minotaurs believe in the exactness of the legion over the wrath of the pack. Still, despite their tendencies toward outrage and violence, minotaurs are not generally quick to anger. They are passionate creatures who love their partners and friends fiercely and have an excellent sense of humor.

Minotaurs have established their place in the world through the legends that define a small pantheon of heroes once akin to gods. Whether truth or fabrication, nearly every minotaur claims to be a descendant of one of their many heroes. Perhaps the most prominent line minotaurs, the Ordruun, have thousands of members believed to have descended from an ancient hero who taught their kind the grand art of war. Other significant family lines include the Kharran, the Drendaa, and the Tazgral. In contrast to the Ordruun, most of these families associate with various Gruul Clans instead of the Boros Legion.

Where do minotaurs live?

Minotaurs live a rare and solitary existence among the great mazes of the Underdark in Fearün. As worshippers of the demon lord Baphomet, other races grew to fear minotaurs and refused to allow them residence in their cities. As a result, many lashed out against their oppressors, giving in to their evil nature and withdrawing into isolation.

However, those in Ravnica thrive among the great fortresses and battlements across the expansive metropolis. They strive to emulate the great deeds of their predecessors and continue to carve out a place of prominence among the other races of Ravnica.

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