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What makes loxodon names unique?

Loxodon names are generally two to three syllables in length and include subtle tones when spoken through a loxodon’s resonant nasal chambers. These sounds or tones typically indicate social status, family connection, and community roles. However, most non-loxodon races are incapable of distinguishing or producing these underlying tonal elements. As a result, loxodons often translate these sounds into more literal titles like Hierarch, Revered, Grandmother, Healer, or Saint, when interacting and communicating with those outside their race.

What are loxodon?

Loxodon are humanoid elephants often seen as oases of calm among the busy streets of Ravnica. They move slowly or rest in stillness, humming or chanting in resonant tones. However, they are not without provocation. An angry loxodon is a sight to behold, roaring with rage, trumpeting, and flapping their ears. This duality of serene wisdom and fierceness combined with an unwavering conviction make loxodons tremendous assets to their chosen guilds.

Typically standing over seven feet tall, loxodons tower over most other humanoid races with their hulking bipedal bodies. They have elephants’ heads and features, including their tusks, trunks, ears, and thick, leathery skin covering their entire bodies. They also have flat-bottomed and ovular-shaped feet like elephants but humanoid hands with four thick digits. Their trunk is also a valuable and dexterous appendage. Loxodons not only have a keen sense of smell, but their trunks are strong and can lift and carry surprisingly heavy objects.

Although loxodons often make nurturing spiritual leaders, they are hardworking, patient artisans with unrivaled intuition regarding their craft. Their gift for stonework is so intrinsic that they often find it difficult to impart their knowledge to others. Due to this, loxodons of the Selesnya Conclave usually take on the responsibility of building their guild’s magnificent, cathedral-like arboretum structures.

Loxodons believe in the value of community and life and that members of a group are responsible for looking out for each other. Once a loxodon has joined a guild or bonded with a group of individuals to any extent, they devote themselves to sustaining that bond. Loxodons will coordinate their efforts and are often willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the group. However, they also expect the same loyalty and commitment from their other community members and can be severe in their disappointment when others betray that trust.

Where do loxodon live?

As members of the Selesnya Conclave, loxodons gather into organized enclaves called vernadi, communes built around central trees. These enclaves exist as smaller reproductions of the guildhall, the great city-tree Vitzu-Ghazi. A dryad, known as a voda, is beckoned from the central tree and honored as the community leader. The voda acts as the bridge between the vernadi and its followers to the Wordsoul. In doing so, it unites them with the will of the wider conclave.

Along with the regular contact most loxodon have with their voda, many have consistent interactions with their military and religious leaders. Most spend a few hours training with military instructors and studying with spiritual teachers each day to further their world understanding.

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