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What makes vedalken names unique?

Vedalken receive simple names at birth that are typically limited to three or fewer syllables. However, due partly to their constant drive for improvement and change, many select different names as they transition into adulthood. Vedalken also rarely use family names, preferring to focus on conceptual thinking and individualized improvement over the concept of a family structure.

What are vedalken?

Vedalken are slender humanoids that stand nearly a head taller than most humans on average but weigh around the same. Their skin is hairless and comes in a variety of different shades of blue. Their eyes are often slightly darker than their skin, in similarly cool tones of blue or violet. Vedalken also lack external ears and have broad flat noses, which evolved from their partially amphibious nature.

According to most vedalken, nothing is perfect. They not only believe this wholeheartedly but rejoice in its truth. Imperfections provide opportunities for improvement, and progress is a never-ending series of trials and investigations that strive to move toward an unattainable goal. However, vedalken thrive in such an environment, pursuing their work with delighted enthusiasm, never discouraged by momentary setbacks, and excited by every chance for advancement and discovery.

Despite their typical talkative nature, vedalken keep their personal lives private, choosing to engage more with ideas than individuals. They often form close bonds based on mutual interests or find friendly rivals in those who can provide a compelling debate. Although, their interactions dwell on their analysis of situations and discussions rather than their feeling about them.

As a result, other races often incorrectly see vedalken as cold and emotionless beings. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Veldalken feel emotion just as intensely as other races but are naturally skilled at not displaying it. Their calm and rational approach to the world allows them to make and follow careful plans and assess results without bias.

Along with their thoughtful and measured approach, vedalken believe the path toward intellectual progress requires education, careful deliberation, and controlled experimentation. While some vedalken focus on perfecting society through the development and implementation of laws, most do not limit progress to external factors. Vedalken also have a history of directing their energies inward, perfecting themselves through extensive studying or even Simic bioengineering.

Where do vedalken live?

Most vedalken live in and throughout Ravnica, wherever they can continue their pursuit of knowledge and experimentation. Their curiosity and rational minds often push vedalken to seek membership as part of one of the more intellectually focused guilds like the Azorius Senate, the Simic Combine, or the Izzet League.

The Azorius Senate sits high above the gas-mask-wearing dregs of society, among the tall buildings that pierce the permeating fog of the lower areas of the realm. Their members toil endlessly to legislate, investigate, and enforce extensive legal codes with immutable determination. The Simic Combines labor among the zonots, vast sinkholes that act as habitats and experimental ecosystems. The Izzet League provides vedalken with the means to experiment and develop wild technological advancements among the myriad of laboratories at their disposal. Whatever their affiliation, vedalken put their intelligence to use, crafting and improving all manner of things.

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