Harengon Names

Liven Patchpants

Anselon Brokentooth

Ellivak Olivevest

Faraben Notail

Fladrun Longjacket

Herebek Goldencane

Birtrin Woodshoe

Glisnon Longscarf

Irlen Emeraldshawl

Williban Quietgrin

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Harengon Names

What are harengons?

Sharing the signature tall ears and long feet of their namesake hares, harengons are small bipedal human-like creatures that typically embody their cunicular heritage's skittish, jittery, and energetic qualities. Despite their association with and residence within the Feywild, harengons are still humanoid. This classification sets them apart from other fey or fey-touched creatures within the world of Dungeons & Dragons, like the fairies, centaur, and satyr races.

Along with their rabbit-like appearance, harengon are quick on their feet, can rely on a bit of luck, and have the heightened senses of their distant animal kin. They also have specific racial traits that can help them survive especially dicey combat encounters. For example, Lucky Footwork can help a harengon succeed a dexterity saving throw, while Rabbit Hop can propel them out of harm's way if an enemy happens to get too close.

Where do harengons live?

While their numbers grew in the Feywild, harengons spoke sylvan and personified the spirit of travel and freedom. Eventually, their joyous voyages led the rabbitfolk to other planes and worlds, where they brought the fey realm's passion for living and eagerly absorbed whatever culture and knowledge they could manage along the way.

With their love of travel, harengons could appear in nearly any campaign setting across the many realms of Dungeons & Dragons. However, it is ultimately up to the game master to decide their place in the world. While most harengon can be a welcomed asset to any adventuring party, it is vital to remember their fey heritage. After all, their world is different from the Prime Material Plane, and their upbringing could significantly affect how they interact with the surrounding world.

The Feywild is a unique realm of intense emotion inhabited by creatures ruled by strong emotional influence like the summer eladrin. These predominantly fey elves are as quick to start a dance celebration as to draw their weapons and battle to the death. Growing up surrounded by similar creatures would undoubtedly change the behaviors and expectations of most harengon. It is essential to consider how a harengon character might react to the party's barbarian flying into a rage, the chaotic magic of the warlock, or the over-the-top theatrical performances of the bard. Their reactions could be of horror and shock, or they could find an odd bit of comfort from the similarity to the chaos of home. A harengon's obsessive nature could also influence their interests and desires, leading to potential conflict within the group.

The summer eladrin are not the only creatures to be wary of within the Feywild, and not all have a resident's best interest at heart. Denizens of the fey realm must be cautious of striking deals, taking unsuspecting gifts, and even speaking their name for fear of repercussions. This atmosphere may make harengon particularly finicky when going over the details of an adventurers guild contract, reading it as thoroughly as a binding document from a fiend or devil. This level of scrutiny may be invaluable within the Feywild but can be offputting to those of other realms.

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